Your Daily Photograph ~ Sacramento!

Your Daily Photograph ~ Sacramento
Call for Submissions is now Closed!

Hello Sacramento Friends and fellow Photographers! I have been invited to Guest Curate a segment of featuring Sacramento photographers and I want to invite you to submit a few of your images. I am thrilled to be able to share the amazing Photographic work I’ve seen in my three years living here. I hope if you’ll consider participating in this wonderful opportunity to offer one of your beautiful prints for sale one day only to the Daily’s collector base of more than 9,100 subscribers worldwide. You may know another photographer whose work is superb and may want to participate as well, so please share this email with them.

If you have already created an account and received your approval for upload don’t delay! ** Use the code 
SAC ** I know it‘s the Memorial Holiday Weekend, but our deadline is Thursday, May 30, and I want to be able to present the Daily with the best work in Sacramento. It is exciting to see the images already submitted and I can’t wait to reveal the project once all the submissions are in.

Do you have questions about the Daily? Please email me at for details. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Call for Submissions is now Closed!

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